We live in a culture that sometimes forgets what true friendship looks like. Fewer are fewer people seem to believe that relationships across lines of difference are even possible. But at MDM, we know that relationships across lines of difference aren’t only possible, they are deeply desirous. Indeed, the space between you and a stranger may prove to be the space where God resides. At MDM, we cultivate what Henri Nouwen called “friendly, empty space” where hostility can be converted into hospitality.

Volunteer Opportunities!

  • Inspire  Contact Natalie Schmucker:
    • Volunteers to bring snacks, help with after school programs for refugee middle schoolers Monday – Friday, 4:30 pm-7:00pm
  • Shalom   Contact Gad Mpoyo:
    • Children’s Ministry needs
      • Volunteers to help fill various roles
      • Volunteers with expertise with children’s ministries to help re-envision program
      • Part-time program coordinator
    • Youth
      • Help with transportation on Friday evenings
  • Solid Foundation – Contact Dr. Leslie at
    • Outdoor sports/recreation equipment for students
      • Basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, etc.
    • Merit Rewards
      • Small items for student rewards (anything a child would like)
    • Volunteers M-F from 8:00 am-2:30 pm for tutoring one on one, small group reading, math, and listening
  • Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church – Contact Carol Cromley at
    • Fully functional vacuum cleaners in good working condition for campus wide custodial services

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” – Lilla Watson