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Join Memorial Drive Ministries in Serving your Neighbors

Memorial Drive Ministries (MDM) is located in Clarkston, GA, a city described as the “Ellis Island of the South.” Immigrants make up roughly 32% of the city’s population, representing 40 nationalities and 60 languages, within 1.4 square miles.

MDM is serving this community by providing safe, collaborative, and welcoming space for many vibrant ministries:

  • Nurturing 6 worshipping communities speaking 6 different languages and serving over 200 worshipers every Sunday at an estimated cost of $52,000
  • “I hope that MDM will become the place that the churches in the Presbytery and beyond come together to invest their time, talent, and treasure in refugee and community ministry in Clarkston.”
  • Providing space for 7 unique non-profits serving over 315 members of this community in diverse ways at an estimated cost of $77,000
  • “Bringing partners together around a table which allows us to see the bigger picture, to network with one another, and to share resources…Without MDM, that doesn’t happen.”
  • Supporting various recreational activities including basketball, badminton, karate, and ultimate Frisbee, providing physical activities for over 190 children, youth, and adults at an estimated cost of $11,000
  • “MDM has had tremendous success this past year in communicating its mission, building community, improving the facilities, clarifying/solidifying arrangements on campus, and supporting ministries.”
  • Maintaining the campus with much needed capital improvements at an estimated cost of $30,000
  • “I’m a big believer that our space shapes our learning and conveys a message of welcome and care. Having a fully-functioning and nice place is a way to say we care about the people who come here!”

We need your help! 

To sustain this place of worship, service, and belonging, we need to raise $170,000 from contributors like you.



To make a donation by check, please make your check out to “Memorial Drive Ministries” and send it to:

Memorial Drive Ministries

ATTN: David Roth

5140 Memorial Drive

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

For more information or to make a pledge, please call or email MDM’s Treasurer Nancy Phillimore: (404) 434-4757 or cropped-img_0004.jpg