Memorial Drive Ministries (MDM), a church-based non-profit located in the Clarkston Georgia area is seeking a part-time Director of Ministries. The position will require an average of 25 hours per week and will report to the Board of Directors. Compensation will be based on experience.

Our Mission: Located in the most diverse square mile in North America, MDM fosters diverse worshiping communities, innovative social services, and transformational relationships. Leveraging the community trust, location, and campus of the historic Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, MDM convenes critical leadership, organization, and a wide network of loving neighbors to create a new expression of God’s Beloved Community.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Previous experience in community development, managing mission partnerships, and fundraising in a non-profit organization.
  • An active spiritual life.
  • Additional training in Christian community development and previous experience in non-profit leadership are preferred but not required.

Required Skills:

  • Demonstrate spiritual discernment, compassion, and the ability to practice active listening.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism and practice coalition building and relationship leadership.
  • Apply creativity in solving problems and developing new initiatives.
  • Experience in supervising and managing people.
  • Computer skills, including familiarity with social media.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Vision/Mission:
  • Work with the Board of Directors to evaluate, shape, refine, and implement the current and strategic vision for MDM, to include strategic positioning in the community and fundraising.
  • Collaborative Partnerships:
  • Seek out and develop ministry partnerships and initiatives in the community that will move toward Christian community development, focusing on underserved and under-resourced needs.
  • Management:
  • Oversee the maintenance and development of the Memorial Drive campus.
  • Participate in the annual budget preparation and manage day-to-day operations to align with the budget.

Responses: Qualified applicants should submit a resume by April 30, 2018, by mail to Memorial Drive Ministries, Inc., c/o Peter Cobb, 1150 St. Charles Place NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 or by email to Peter Cobb @bikecobb10@gmail.com.

MDM Director of Ministries Job Description