About Us

Memorial Drive Ministries:

A Place of Sanctuary, Strength & Service

Sanctuary  Five diverse worshiping communities call Memorial Drive home. Throughout the week, the campus is filled with the songs, prayers and sermons of its Zo, Chin, African and multicultural congregations. In Christian hospitality, Memorial Drive Ministries opens its doors to refugees and   natives, young and old, rich and poor, offering safety and belonging to people from every corner of the world.

Strength The Greater Clarkston community is home to thousands of refugees, people newly arrived in the country after fleeing their homes. MDM provides a safe space and practical services to orient, educate, and train its neighbors who are refugees or experiencing material poverty. MDM comes alongside individuals who are dreaming of a better life for themselves and their families and empowers them through community connection, educational opportunities and job training.

Service The call to discipleship is the call to serve the most vulnerable among us. MDM offers our churches and members a unique and exciting array of meaningful opportunities to serve. But MDM also invites you to go beyond service, to the spiritual practice of being a neighbor. In neighborliness, we give our gifts, but we also receive the gifts that others offer to us. Our lives become deeply connected and forever transformed.